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Integrated LED Video for Installations

Any shape - cut to measure

Introducing Chimera – the first ‘cut to fit’ LED video system
While LED video products come in standard frames, buildings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with difficult to accommodate doorways, windows and corners. Combining two existing products – LEDs and printed circuit boards – G-LEC’s Chimera is the first product to offer absolute flexibility of shape without compromising control over individual LEDs, offering designers enormous possibilities for dramatic graphics and video using an LED video system that can cover large areas or fit the smallest space.

Being launched at PLASA ’08, the Chimera system comprises LEDs mounted on printed circuit boards that are designed so that they can be ‘cut to fit’ while without cutting the power to the LEDs. In two sizes, the standard board can be cut to accommodate small to medium shapes or apertures, making it perfect for large areas, while the smaller version can literally be cut to pieces to fill the smallest gap.
Ideal for museums, interior design, themed spaces and hotel and corporate reception areas, all Chimera installations are custom designed. The first installation is in the BMW Museum in Munich, for which the Chimera system was specifically developed in conjunction with Berlin-based ART+COM. This project utilises white LEDs on white boards, but the system can be supplied in almost any colourway, with brilliant white or RGB LEDs against a white, black or coloured background.

The Chimera system can be used in the standard board format, or transformed, as in the BMW Museum, into an architectural façade with the addition of panes of sand blasted glass placed in front of the boards. The optimum pixel pitch is determined by the individual client’s needs.

Using G-LEC’s tried and tested fibre optic signal transmission technology that is well-established with the Phantom frames, the Chimera system includes specific solutions for mounting, concealing the joins between boards and front or rear servicing access.
Video or still images, whether in black and white or full colour, can be emotive and powerful; G-LEC’s new Chimera system brings those emotions to life.

Chimera Short Specification
Issue: 26 September 2008
The Chimera system is a LED Video display system designed to be fitted onto any wall, ceiling or floor surface. Specifically, it is designed to mount behind translucent surfaces, supplied by others, such as frosted glass, and the like. The design is specifically to ‘cut to fit’, with pixel resolution, around irregularities and apertures in the wall, ceiling or floor, creating a totally integrated display that blends in unobtrusively in any architectural or interior space.

The LED Video display screen consists of a system of fixings, LED boards, power and video signal distribution. The LED boards support RGB or white LEDs at any desired resolution at 10mm pitch or bigger, and the board material can be coloured to suit the application.

The Chimera system can be designed to be any size, and receives DVI video signals. Signal distribution between LED boards is by daisy chained optical fibre.

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Cut the boards into any shape
BMW Museum, Munich
700m2 media on 4 facades
Invisible until video is running