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Lisboa, Portugal

Casino Lisboa

G-LEC LED visual technology provides colourful and exciting control and display for façade-lettering for the Casino Lisboa, Portugal. On the site of the former Expo ’98, now developed as a business centre, the Casino needed its name to be visible for miles around. The 6m high feature, integrated with the glass wall cladding, uses G-LEC’s innovative and highly adaptable LED visual technology system and controllers.

The G-LEC system was specified not only for its super-bright LEDs, but also because it could be engineered and adapted to meet the demands of the project. Its slim line profile, its astonishingly low weight and very low power consumption also made it a favourite for the architects. The contractors and client were also influenced by the system’s impressive price-performance ratio.

The whole project was fast-tracked, with the G-LEC project engineers working closely with contractors and architects. In just four months the constructional layout was designed, custom aluminium profiles designed and manufactured, electronics customised and ruggedized, custom software written and tested, and the complete project installed into the 6m high by 16m wide wall.

The area lit by the G-LEC system covers 280m2, using 164,400 LEDs mounted on 3,600m of aluminium profiles and connected with 800m power cables and 2,000m DMX data wiring. And the result is a stunning, bright and colourful façade feature, one more icon in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.